International Cybersecurity Championship 2023

Team Oceania

Represent the Oceania Region at the International Cybersecurity Championship 2023 in San Diego, USA

The Team

Emily Trau (Captain)
Joshua Hogan (Captain)
Department of Internal Affairs
Sam Hogan (Captain)
Callaghan Innovation
Jordan Bertasso
Thomas Hobson
University of Canterbury
Chuanshu Jiang
Shea Security
Adam Kues
Daniel Le Souef
Jamie McClymont
Annie Nie
Stephen Radley
Aidan Stansfield
Division 5
Joseph Surin
Tomais Williamson
ZX Security
Cale Budd
University of Waikato
Jesse Nguyen (Reserve)
Orro Group
SiJing Zheng (Reserve)
Shea Security


Training Boot Camp
22nd - 23rd June 2023
Meet your colleagues and Train to win.
International Cybersecurity Championship
31st July - 4th August 2023
San Diego, USA
Compete on the global stage.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in Team Oceania, you need to be between the ages of 18-26 years old (as of 1 January 2023). You also need to be a resident of Australia, New Zealand, or a Pacific Island Country.

Besides that we have no special requirements. Bring yourself and your best skills.


Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

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Call for Sponsors

For sponsorship enquires please contact Prof. Ryan Ko

Special Thanks

The organisers wish to thank Infosect for giving their time helping to train Team Oceania.

Organizers & Contact

UQ Cyber at the University of Queensland is organizing Team Oceania in 2023.

Prof. Ryan Ko

The University of Queensland, Australia

Joshua Scarsbrook

The University of Queensland, Australia

Dr. Abigail Koay

The University of Queensland, Australia

Lorraine Han

The University of Queensland, Australia

For enquiries please contact Joshua Scarsbrook at

Previous Years

2022 - Athens, Greece